5 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Social media marketing is becoming a popular way of making business sales. On the other hand, most automotive dealerships are struggling to understand how to use social media to generate more business. Below are top 5 social media strategies for car dealerships you need to understand:

Facebook Ad targeting

This is the most popular strategy since most people are on Facebook today. All you need to do is to place ads on your cars. Also, it’s essential to narrow down to your locality near the dealership by consumer interests, gender, vehicle type, among others.

Use Twitter to make more sales

A research conducted in 2013 showed that Twitter only made car sales worth $716. Twitter is becoming a more popular platform for auto consumers. Another study showed that every day, they’re at least 327,000 tweets related to automobiles. With the use of keyword targeting, the signals can be used to directly send messages to all potential customers who show the intention to purchase.

Use YouTube

According to studies, at least 84% of people looking for cars tend to watch auto videos when in the car market. Most car customers normally seek for information regarding car model, connected devices, safety features, walkarounds and many more before making a purchase decision.

Use Instagram

This is a social media platform most millennials are turning interested in after quitting other platforms like Facebook. Instagram can be accessed using mobile phones, and it entails taking photos or videos, uploading and sharing them. This platform enhances creativity and sharing of one’s brand story. For instance, you can share photos that will make your customers imagine of some moments like a photo of your cars at a beach or a sporting event.

Social media storytelling

Storytelling on social media platforms is an excellent way of developing strong relationships with your audience. Here, you just need to share your experiences to humanize your car brands – take a look on this article about why social media is good.

In conclusion, these are the top 5 social media strategies for car dealerships.

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